About us

INTCOMEX is a leading privately held group of companies focusing on the distribution of microcomputer, networking and connectivity related products and accessories into the Latin American and Caribbean regions. To supply a wide range of IT options and solutions to the customer, the Group maintains direct relationship with over 50 Branded vendors and hundreds of Generic and OEM manufacturers. Our strong relationships with our vendors allow us access the large pool of knowledge and expertise that these vendors bring to technology.

Established in 1989, Intcomex is the largest distributor in Latin American and the only distributor of technology in the Caribbean, with 15 offices operating in 14 countries. Its unique centralized infrastructure allows for the ability to provide better pricing, complete solutions and support to the customer, all of which contribute to each INTCOMEX office being a market leader in the countries in which they operate in.
INTCOMEX is part of Citigroup Venture Capital International, a division of Citigroup which invests in markets with healthy companies that portray promising growth and understanding of the markets they operate in. This enhances the means in which we can continue growth by expanding with new subsidiaries to fulfill more local market needs as well as add vertical markets to our distribution model allowing us to provide more products and solutions to corporate, retail and end users.

Customer service remains the reason we are, who we are, and where we are today. The INTCOMEX headquarters in Miami administers a solid logistics system that efficiently supplies and manages the ability to replenish each office with a wide range of products to service their markets.  Our website tools have enabled our customers to better grow their business by providing essential information. Our yearly technology events done throughout the region bring the manufacturer to our customers to train on new technologies, test new products, and discuss local market needs.

INTCOMEX is dedicated to provide our customers with the tools to help grow their business; whether it is with our local trainings, our efficient RMA system, excellent technical support, knowledgeable staff or our user friendly website.

INTCOMEX Mission Statement

Given the rapid change in the global business environment brought about by the whopping developments in information technology, INTCOMEX has divided its corporate mission into three segments, dedicated to striving in all areas: Commerce, Logistics & People.


Over the last 13 years, we have built a solid distribution infrastructure throughout Jamaica and we have established a comprehensive and efficient island wide distribution network with our customer base of approximately two thousand resellers.

Our major sales and operations originate from our centralized 16,968 square foot facilities in Kingston, with a growing and committed staff compliment of over 80 employees.

Leading IT manufacturers have appointed local representatives (Brand Managers) at Intcomex Jamaica due to the growing demand for their products and services; manufacturers such as Microsoft, Symantec, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Kingston, Lexmark, Epson, Samsung, Blue Code,  CNet, Lenovo, Nexxt, Forza, and KlipX have local representation.

Sitting in a world of continuous technological transformations, digital convergence is a big contributing factor to this change, and it will continue to reshape the way in which different technological solutions will satisfy

the new and diverse needs of communication and information technology (IT) within all market segments. This transformation not only affects manufacturers of IT and communication products, but also all the elements of the value chain that complement and supply these convergence solutions. Distribution channels from large system integrators to small and medium resellers as well as large retail chains and small PC boutiques, will not only transform their services, but also the product mix and solutions they will offer to their customers.

Knowing the market and knowing that the end user is constantly looking for more fun, and looking to be more productive by maximizing their time through the use of the computer and the internet, Intcomex through its product offering is positioned to satisfy the need for the peripheral devices and software which enhance the consumers experience with their computer. Our offering includes software applications, portable storage devices, speaker systems, webcams, headsets, carrying cases, card readers, USB hubs and more.