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INTCOMEX JAMAICA distributes through a network of Value Added Resellers. These VARS market to individuals, small to medium sized corporations, schools and government agencies. As a distributor, INTCOMEX JAMAICA’S policies are strictly followed to ensure that only Value Added Resellers receive the benefits of our channel. This allows them to remain competitive in the market.  As a distributor INTCOMEX Jamaica will do all it can to ensure that only legitimate VARS receive the benefits of our distribution channel.

To register as a Value Added Reseller with INTCOMEX JAMAICA, the following requirements must be met:

Submit Company Documentation


A monthly purchases must be maintained at a minimum of JA $60,000 net. This is to ensure the intent and nature of your business. Initial Credit terms offered to new customers are C.O.D . Cash, debit/credit card or wire transfers.
To transact business with Intcomex Jamaica you must present your Intcomex M-Card (membership card). The M-Card is used to validate your status as an authorized INTCOMEX Reseller. The M-Card is a control procedure to safeguard the authenticity of transactions done on your account.
Intcomex offers to it’s customers three (3) FREE M-Cards for any three (3) of your companies representatives. To get your M-Card, the company’s Managing Director must send an electronic (digital) visa size photograph of the employees authorized to transact business with Intcomex (front face, white background, no glasses or bandanas). Each photograph must include the following: First Name and position e.g  (owner, sales rep, bearer,  driver, etc). Please send electronic pictures and information to . Customers can request additional M-Cards for additional staff members at a cost of JA$1500. Maximum number of cards per company is five (5).

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*INTCOMEX JAMAICA reserves the right to register a Customer as a Value Added Reseller and/ or to re-assign the account to inactive status.

Thank you for choosing INTCOMEX JAMAICA as your solution provider. We look forward to a rewarding and beneficial partnership.